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regular cleaning

Introduction of Genius Maids Cleaning Company:

Genius Maids Cleaning company, established in 2018 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a housekeeping and cleaning service company. Its services include daily household cleaning, deep cleaning, and Airbnb managed cleaning services.
Genius Maids Cleaning company mainly covers Hastings county, Quinte West, Prince Edward county area, and Belleville, with more than 200 fixed customers, more than 20 fixed cleaning service personnel, and more than 800 cumulative consulting customers; in addition, we have branches in Ottawa area of Toronto.

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Introduction of regular Cleaning Service:

Regular cleaning is a periodic cleaning provided for home users. It is recommended for clients who have regular cleaning needs. Regular cleaning is different from deep cleaning and commercial cleaning, it is a regular, periodic cleaning with short intervals. Just like a housewife who cleans daily in a traditional family, the cleaning staff of Genius Maids Cleaning will provide you with considerate regular cleaning services at home.

Areas Covered by regular Cleaning Service:




living room

Dining room


(Suitable for Condo)

service content of regular cleaning:

  • Cleaning of doors, windows and door frames
  • Cleaning of floors and baseboards
  • Indoor glass and mirror cleaning
  • Dust removal on the surface of the kitchen and living room appliances
  • Kitchen and bathroom countertop cleaning
  • Dust removal on furniture surfaces
  • Wipe and clean the surface of toilet, bathtub and shower room

service standards of regular cleaning:

  • There is no dust on the surface, making your home clean as new.
  • The mirror surface has no fingerprints.
  • The floor is stain-free, leaving your floor clean and fresh.

advantages of regular cleaning services:

Regular cleaning service can maintain the overall cleanliness of your home, bringing you a sense of comfort and tranquility. Its advantage is that the service time is relatively moderate, so the fee is relatively cheap and does not need to have a great impact on the layout of the room.

applicable scenarios of regular cleaning:

  • Cleaning services to keep your home clean, tidy and comfortable.
  • When the house is not cleaned on time.
  • The kitchen environment is poor, there are occasional family gatherings, and the kitchen environment is messy after leaving.
  • There are babies at home, toys are all over the floor, and the house is messy.
  • The seniors are unable to clean up at home.
  • The busy work schedule leaves no time for cleaning.
  • The life of international students is full of study and social interaction, and there is no time for cleaning.

friendly reminder:

The following items are not included in regular cleaning service:

  • Cleaning of outer glass, ceiling, crystal chandelier, interior of furniture and roof;
  • Cleaning of valuables such as antiques, porcelain calligraphy and paintings, religious furnishings, etc.



regular cleaning


CAD $25-35 / hour

Minimum Charge:

CAD $105

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