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deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is to provide professional and in-depth targeted cleaning services for household and commercial clients. Our cleaning service team will carry professional cleaning tools, comprehensively and deeply dust and descale, and classify and organize household items to create a perfect living space, which is more thorough and comprehensive. Give your house a deep clean and enjoy the feeling of your new home.

Areas Covered by deep Cleaning Service:




living room

Dining room


(Suitable for Condo)

service content of deep cleaning:

  • Cleaning of doors, windows and door frames
  • Cleaning of floors and baseboards
  • Indoor glass and mirror cleaning
  • Cleaning of surfaces and interiors of kitchen and living room appliances
  • Cleaning and finishing of kitchen, bathroom countertops and interiors
  • Dust removal of furniture surfaces and interiors
  • Wipe cleaning and finishing of surfaces and interiors of toilets, bathtubs and showers

friendly reminder:

The following items are not included in deep cleaning service:

  • Outer glass, ceiling, crystal chandelier, interior and wall cleaning of individual furniture appliances, etc.;
  • Appliance cleaning, home maintenance, etc.;
  • Cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.



Deep cleaning


CAD $40 / hour

Minimum Charge:

CAD $120

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